SOTAICON – World Building: Towns, Adventuring Areas, Dungeons Oct 11 2019

Notes from the Shroud of the Avatar International Convention 2019 panel on World Building. Towns, Adventuring Areas, and Dungeons.

General Comments

  • The new quest system will be based on the same system that will be used for player created NPC dialog/quests.

  • There will be some limitation to player NPC dialog to protect the performance of the server side of things

2020 Highlights

  • New land and Player Owned Towns

  • New Quest and Task System

  • Treasure Map System

  • More Dungeons

  • Scene Rework and Polish + Wave Battles

Questions (paraphrased)

Note: questions that may be spoilers have been skipped here

  • What are the mechanics for travel to the EP2 lands?

    • Probably boat travel like to Hidden Vale

    • Scroll will work as well

  • How different will the new quest system be from a user interaction perspective?

    • Shouldn’t be much different from the current keyword system

  • Will the player NPC dialog work on vendors as well?

    • Yes, that is the idea

  • When will the player NPC dialog be in the game?

    • Hoping for the end of the year

  • Will there be a quest for a town sized deed in addition to the row and village?

    • Nope

  • Will it be possible to move a smaller house around on a larger lot (flexible placement)?

    • Someday maybe

    • It all comes down to the navigation mesh flexibility

    • Right now, there are too many bugs in the 3rd-party navmesh currently used

Be sure to check out the details in the video posted by NBNN