3 years ago is now in beta!

The goal is to provide basic information (price, etc) about item bought/sold in game.

You can use it to research market prices, spot historic trends, find high traffic market downs, and more.

This information is based on the discarded mail files generated when players discard receipt mails. While everyone can use the site, it relies on active players that are willing to reliably uploading their data.

To make sharing your data as easy as possible:

  1. Download the client

  2. Run the client

  3. Update the settings

    1. Select your DiscardedMail folder

    2. Set your API key

  4. Process and upload your files when you buy/sell something


Does it upload all my discarded emails?

Nope. It does read all of the mail files. But, it only uploaded the minimum parts of the vendor receipt mails. Your other mail (guild messages, direct trades, etc) are never uploaded.

Will this site show all me my detailed information like sotanet did?

Nope. For the moment, the site displays very basic “global” information. Maybe that will change in the future. But, for now, the buyer and seller information is not displayed.

Will the client run on Windows/Linux/Mac?

Yes!!! Well, hopefully. It is beta after all.

Can I get graph that shows <something useful>?

Probably. I’m always open to suggestions

I’m an awesome community member and want to contribute my data. How?

Start a new private conversation with me, here in the forums, and ask for access. I’ll send you a link to download the client and your API key to get you going.

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