SotAssist 1.3 is released!

Hello everyone!
SotAssist has been in development since July of 2017! For those of you that don’t already know, SotAssist is Your Shroud of the Avatar Personal Assistant. It does a lot of things. We just released version 1.3! We’re very excited, because it’s been a long time coming and it’s been a lot of work.

Get it here:

The most popular new feature is absolutely the DPS and Loot Counter Overlay.

Once turned on, it’s an initially small grey window, in which you can view several statistics. They are as follows:

Damage per second
Healing per second
Damage Taken
Looted Gold Coins
Looted Cotos
Looted Artifacts

You can switch between DPS, HPS, and Damage Taken by using the arrows at the top of the overlay window. There is also a reset button in the upper right hand corner of the overlay window.

To the left of each entry in the DPS meter, there is a small ? (question mark with a white background) that you can hover over with your mouse for even more information. This breaks down the damage into even smaller categories, showing the highest damage source at the top of the list and descending as you go down. This is especially helpful to show you what is effective in a given scenario and what is not.

In the upper left hand corner, there are 3 icons that you can hover over to see how many Cotos or Artifacts you’ve looted. The gold is displayed beside the small gold pile icon. All of these can be reset individually by clicking their respective icons.

Additionally, you can adjust the transparency of the overlay so it doesn’t intrude with what you can see in game!

We are now working on:

A new Cabalist Clock
Expanding the “My Loot” tab
Looking into integrating SotAssist with LUA
Developing SotAssist Free Version

And much more!

Stay tuned for future updates!

A special thank you to our Alpha and Beta testers! You all have been a huge help!

Also, thank you for reading Avatar Express!