SotaTales Ep1: Tharsis Vrul the Daemon is back! (player made interactive quest)

Tristano Sforza, the Governor of Mediolanum, had shown us just how amazing the power of imagination, NPC conversationalists, and LUuacan be!

A mysterious Automaton appeared in Mediolanum, a lovely town next to Owl’s Head in Hidden Vale.
He brings a message from the governor Tristano Sforza. Talk to him!
You can find him in main square at first row lot in front of first devotional.

This quest is estimated to take a couple of hours of your time (if you can finish it at all). And contains an array of things that must be done, including fishing, crafting, and killing creatures.

In order to check it out, you will need to download the quest file and put it into your Lua folder – find all the instructions on how to participate on the official forum thread here:

I will be checking out this quest myself and will post a future article on how I did!