Summons get some love in the middle of the night

Phoenix and Will-O-Wisp get an upgrade.

4 years ago

Chris is currently pulling a late night (early morning for him) livestream.

First up, summons are getting a polish pass.

The Phoenix was the start. It now explodes bigger when killed.

Next up the Wisp. At the start:

  • Has zero focus cost, but does no damage

  • Rotates between mesmerize and confusion at 2.5 second intervals (modified by the moon), not enough to do anything useful.

    • And of those, confusion doesn’t work on monsters.


  • Confusion or mesmerize becoming 10 seconds (based off moon). Mez adds to crit damage now, similar to Fireflies.

  • Still no damage, but that’s intended and also why it costs zero focus.

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