Support SotA Players Raising Money for Extra Life

Started in 2008, when gamers came together to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, they have raised over $70 million USD for kids. Although you can donate at any time of the year, Extra Life gamers have always had a a day put aside for gaming marathons to really push these much needed donations.

This year, game day is November 7th 2020, and we have at least two Shroud of the Avatars gamers participating!

Browncoat Jaysen will be live on his Twitch channel for 24 hours, starting at 8 am NBT. He plans to create a new character, play through the beginning quests, and show players what Shroud is all about!

If you donate $15 or more before the morning of November 8th, you will also be given a community cloak created by one of our developers. Make sure you leave your in-game name in a message when you have donated.

Check out all the details or to ask questions on the forum thread here:

You can go directly to Browncoat Jaysen’s Extra Life Donation page here:

Vulcanjedi will also be raising money and streaming! He is also giving away gifts for donations, both in game items for SotA and game keys. Check out his page and choose what you would like when you make your donation!

Ankh of Wala, uncommon $5
Cabalist Indigno Hood $10
Cabalist Nefario Hood $8
BMC Ring, uncommon $5
Glowing Belt Buckle $3

Check out the forum post here:

And go directly to his Extra Life page:

Are you raising money for Extra Life? Feel free to message Thradia in-game or on the forums and I will be happy to post up your information here at Avatar Express!