Testing Directive: Emotes, Mounts and Trashcans, oh my!

Posted by Ravalox:


The new build on QA contains a number of items that need testing by the players…

* Mounts: Bug fix – Removing a mount from your inventory will now dismount you, if mounted, and make it unable to be remounted if it has a slot on your hotbar (unless you have another of the same mount.)

* Emotes: Enhancement – Emotes can now be placed in the non combat hotbar. A dedicated (optional) emote bar is on the way, for a future release. An icon has been created for each emote and, if the player has tooltips enabled, each emote’s name will appear when hovering on the icon.

* Garbage Can: New Feature – This garbage can can be placed on either a player lot or on POT land (POT placement requires Steward or Governor access). Almost all items, including ones normally restricted from deletion, can be removed from the game using this item. NOTE: Quest Items cannot be deleted, even this way. To use the garbage can, place the can item as deco, then drag the item to be deleted onto the garbage can.
– Only one item at a time may be deleted
– There is a confirmation pop-up box for each

* Wax Cylinders: Bug Fix – All wax cylinders should now be tradeable and should function as expected.

* Logout Feedback: Modification – The logout feedback form has been changed and will only show for players who have not completed one of the starter scenes. The feedback form is still completely optional and contains a list of pre-determined statements the player can select in addition to a text box for comments.

* Player Dungeon Exploit fix (Phase2): Bug Fix – Player dungeon rooms which allow spawns to be placed no longer allow for deco to be placed. Existing deco in spawning rooms will be removed once the orphaned item bug fix is put back in place.

* Lich Spawner Statue: Exploit – The Lich Spawner has been disabled due to exploits and other issues surrounding the spawner’s use. Further steps to rectify the situation will be taken in the next release.

Directive: Please test the above items and post in the Player Test Environment Feedback section with input or issues found.

A public cache chest has been placed in Hometown by the “New Crown Shop Items” area with the Garbage Cans for testing.

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