The Cult of the Rabbit

Rabbit Cult.pngRabbit Cult.png

Are they insane? Who knows, and in any case, are we in any position to judge?

The Cult of the Rabbit follows a simple creed: “Don’t be mad, be hoppy!”

Once a month they climb to the top of the Tower of the Shuttered Eye and dance their strange, hopping dance from dusk ’till dawn, proving each time that they are indeed both hoppy and happy.

Between their energetic dances they sing songs about rabbits, and tell hare raising tales by the light of a single torch. In keeping with their nature they rabbit on at will, playing it by ear as they burrow into a range of topics.

We asked their leader, Lepus Insanus, what was the purpose of their group. He replied that rising incidences of banditry, roaming skeletons and increasingly aggressive wildlife had prompted in many a search for meaning, and a reassurance that all was not lost. They chose the rabbit as their symbol due to its peaceful, unconcerned nature – even when surrounded and threatened by unnatural abominations.

Why do they wear rabbit masks? Perhaps they hope nobody will harm a hare on their heads.