The Story Behind SotA’s Traveling Swap Meet

Remember the days of yore, when you sat around a bank and called out to passersby with special deals on your wares? Those days have returned in Shroud of the Avatar, and you can find such a place at S Mart Factorium, just down the road from Resolute.

The Swap meet was founded by Vladamir Begemot, who owns the town of S Mart Factorium, in November, 2018.

“I wanted Avatars to have a place where they could meet up and quickly do a large quantity of trades. It’s good for both new and old alike to see each other face to face and move their goods between them”, said Vladamir.

Though there is an IGG Trade section of the SotA Discord channel, and an in-game trade text channel, Vladamir felt players needed a way to congregate in-game to sell their goods.

“I find the Swap Meet opens people up and gets trade flowing very quickly. When people are standing there talking to each other in person, they are willing to negotiate, and start to buy and sell things that they hadn’t been considering before”, said Vladamir.

It serves as a bazaar that you might find in other games such as World of Warcraft, however this gives you more control in negotiating prices and allows you to interact and role-play with one other. Each week brings new faces, new items, and new opportunities.

“You really never know what it is going to be about. Some weeks the only thing being traded is clothing and costumes. The next it is a million gold worth of beetles. It’s worth coming even if you don’t get into the action on a particular week “, Vladamir said. “Anyone can host, and it is a great way to bring some traffic or attention to your town, tavern, or business. Just message Vladamir Begemot ahead of time or tell him during the event” he said.

This week, the Swap Meet will be traveling to Novia Market and will be hosted by the gracious Robyn Hood at 1pm nbt.