The Tragic Tale of Wilbur Dragonsneeze


It’s a heartbreaking tale.

Those Avatars who take to the streets late at night may on occasion encounter Wilbur Dragonsneeze dancing with a reindeer. The story behind this unusual sight is truly tragic. Wilbur was deeply in love with his wife Constance, and shared with her a love of exotic cuisine. This passion would often take them to strange places in search of rare ingredients.

After much pleading from Constance, one such expedition took them deep into the notoriously dangerous Savrenoc Stronghold in search of the elusive swuggle mushroom. Whilst there they became separated, and Wilbur frantically searched for Constance. On hearing strange sounds coming from a nearby clearing he investigated, and found a reindeer standing next to his wife’s gathering basket, munching on some swuggle mushrooms.

Naturally, Wilbur concluded that his wife had been transformed into a reindeer by some evil magician and brought her home. Since then he has roamed the land in search of swuggle mushrooms for what he believes to be his transformed wife and continues to take her out dancing every Friday night.

In the meantime, Constance is happily preparing meals for Grast Knargle, leader of the bandits in Savrenoc Stronghold, for whom she abruptly abandoned Wilbur that day long ago. She is not completely heartless, however. She has prevailed upon Grast to order his men to provide discreet protection for Wilbur on his many gathering trips.