This Week In Novia (Dec 6)

This Week in Novia

With the holiday season upon us, the forums have not been quite as busy. However, there are still some very interesting topics being discussed! Here are the highlights from this week:

PVP – The Solution is in Front of Us

In the last release, Atos set PVP to ‘No Ransom’ in order to get more people to try and check out SotA’s PVP system. This has brought many players who have never ventured into the world of PvP to give it a try. Antraz Artek started a discussion thread where players are talking about their thoughts on the PvP system and how it may be improved.

No Trade…

Ah, the ongoing talk about No Trade items. This thread started by Jayfire posed the question of whether this will be retroactive. As far as we know right now, the answer to that is no. However, this sparked a new discussion on the crown shop, heritage items and just the business of it all.

Lord British next Project????

Corven, a new single-player game that is being developed, announced that Richard Garriot’s character, Lord British, will officially be in the game. Richard spent some time with the developers of Corven to discuss the game and he has agreed to become part of the storyline.

You can see the announcement here:

And check out their website:

New to the Game (sorta), Forums Certainly!

This was an interesting addition to the forums, which I felt would interest many. DrDyaus is a SotA player who has been streaming for a few months who also is very unique. He is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who also plans to bring some of his knowledge of mental health and social work practice to others during his streams.

He has a Bachelor in Cultural Anthropology and a Masters of Social Work and has a focus on Game Therapy. Be sure to check out his stream and information on Twitch, where he has some great information links and can even call into the stream to chat.


His schedule is also posted on the forum discussion thread

Weekly Shoutouts

This week I am giving a shout out to some of the streamers that keep us informed and entertained!

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