This Week in Novia (Feb 14, 2020)

What’s happening in Novia this week

4 years ago

Love is in the air in Novia! It’s time to send those roses, gifts and best wishes to all those you love. Make sure you check out all the events happening today – it is a busy Valentine’s Day in the world

Game in Brittany Fields (Possible SPOILERS)

Have you seen these letters in Brittany Fields? Fister Magee put out a call to see if anyone knew if this was a finished quest or not. It may not have led to anything groundbreaking – but was a very interesting journey for these avatars.

Wishlist Requests

One of the most popular and talked about forums this week was the Wishlist Requests. Everything from deco, crafting, weapons, decks, towns and more has had suggestions. If you have some ideas – be sure to go over and post here! Let the dev team know what it is you wish to see in-game.

New Active Directories

Elgarion has put together two threads to allow players to easily find information on guilds, groups and player towns. If you have something that should be added, go check out the forum and submit the required information. Or if you are looking for a guild or somewhere to call home – you can be sure to find the most updated information here

Guild & Group Directory (Active)

Player Owned Towns Directory (Active)

Upcoming Events

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Avatar Express calendar to show you all the upcoming events!

  • 3th Annual Valentine Dinner – 3-6pm NBT/CST in Ordinis Mortis

  • Sequenna Fashion Show – 6pm NBT/CST in Ordinis Mortis

  • Festival of Sequenna – Letters to Sequanna – 8pm NBT/CST in Paxlair

  • Traveling Swap Meet @ Inselberg Wastes – Sunday Feb 16, 1 pm NBT

  • Release 74 Dance Party & Stress Test – 2–4pm NBT/CST in Rinzail

  • Mad Splatter Tea Party – 3pm NBT/CST in Jade Valley

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