This Week in Novia (Feb. 21, 2020)

The forums this week are still buzzing with Wishlist requests. This seems to be what players are most focused on right now. However, with the addition of the Conversation NPCS, ,I will imagine this upcoming week will have a lot of questions coming into the NPC Dialogue forum

What information do you need to start adding the maps back to Adventure Scenes?

Having a barely working map system has been a frustration for many players. Anpu put a question to the devs on what they need and if it is something we can possibly help with. It is an issue that most players feel needs to be resolved. Ravalox did reply to this thread.

Best solo grinding?

Not all players always have time to join a group each time they play and Barugon asked for some advice on places to go solo. Shroud players had a lot of great ideas and advice. So if you are curious or looking for some new solo places to try, check this thread out.

Ink NPC Dialogue Composition

Anything Ink NPC Dialogue related will be posted in this forum. So if you are having some problems, or need help, reach out to your fellow players here! There already a few posts up which have been very helpful with understanding some of the Ink coding.

Did you know….

Even though Real Money Transactions (RMT) are not allowed to be advertised on the official forums, does not mean that you are not allowed to sell/buy your items for real money. We still have some great sites out there and allow you to do this!

Shroud Marketplace

At Shroud Marketplace, each shop is owned and run by you! You put up, maintain and deliver your own inventory. You can find anything here – gold, materials, lots, homes, COTOS, rares and more. This allows you to take secure payments for your items without worrying about not getting paid.

Middleton Markets

Middleton Markets has a great selection of gold, resources and a variety of rares and other things for sale. Be sure to check the inventory often to see what new items have been put up for sale.

Cave Loot

Offering all sorts of items (not only for SoTA, but for other games as well) Caveloot is always posting new items up for sale. Keep checking back and see what has been added! You might that rare, lots or account you’ve been looking for.!/Shroud-of-the-Avatar/c/23590087/offset=0&sort=normal