This Week in Novia (Feb 29, 2020)

4 years ago

It was a busy week in Novia! The new release brought all sorts of goodies and as always, all sorts of discussions.

Play Release 75 Now! Universal Broadcast Orb Transformed! Land Rush Q&A Livestream!

Check out the post and information on Release 75 !

Mistrendur: Land Rush Guidance!

If you are moving a POT to the new lands, be sure to read and keep and eye on this thread. It has all the information you need to know about moving your POT.

Leveling Barding is boring

Not everyone is finding the barding skill very fun. It is on the EQ server right now, for those of you who would like to test and try it. But some players are looking for a little something more exciting.

Custom Dialogue NPC’s. Examples in game.

With the new conversationalists in game, there is a small list of some players in game NPCs for you to go and check out.

Gustball… more to come

Elgarion would like to put on a Gustball game during one of the 2 hours dev streams. If you are interested in that, head to this thread and join in the conversation.

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