This Week In Novia (Jan 11)

4 years ago

As Christmas holidays come to an end, players are slowly making their way back into the game. As to be expected, they are ready for a new year in Novia! Here is a look at some of the first highlights we have seen on the forum this January.

Shroud 2020 Vision

Chris “Atos” Spears has laid out their vision and goals for each quarter of the 2020 year. It looks like there is a lot of new and exciting content coming!

Anpu’s Guides to Getting Started =- The Outskirts and Beyond

Player Anpu has spent a lot of time and hard work making quest guides for some of the areas in Novia. These are so well done and a lot of time and hard work was put into them – I highly recommend them! If you are needing a little guidance in any of these areas, be sure to check out Anpu’s Quest Guides.

You can find the links and list of all of Anpu’s tutorials here:

Manually Multi boxing 5 Characters in Shroud of the Avatar

This is an interesting and popular thread for a while. It is now locked and you can not reply, but if you are interested in what the discussion was about and the video of Dread Pirate multi boxing, check it out

And to add on to the multi boxing topic, Chris made a statement here:

Clarification on Multi boxing :

Starting 01/01/2020 Only Trades and Gold Posts Will Be Allowed

Real money transactions are still allowed, however, you may no longer post them in the forums

Upcoming Events

Royal Warrant: Release 73 Dance Party/Stress Test with DJ Darkstarr

January 18th, 2020, 2 – 4pm NBT @ White Hart

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