This Week in Novia (Jan 18, 2020)

This Week In Novia

January 18, 2020

SotaCon is now Festival of the Avatar!!! – Festival Heraldry Contest

SotaCon has officially received a new name – now Festival of the Avatar. Along with this, a heraldry contest is being held and the winning submission will be used on the new website and on other official Festival items. You have until February 11, 2020, to submit!

Tales of the Red Hat Gnomes = Part 3

The story continues….

The Loner: Why Some People Play MMO’s Alone

Player, oplek, posted an interesting video about people who like to play MMO games solo and the community has begun having a discussion about it. If you have the time, be sure to have a listen

How to Receive the new Truly Courageous Hands of Compassion Community Cloak

Have you ever wondered where to get the “Truly Courageous Hands of Compassion” cloak? Check out the fundraiser by Paladin Michael for all the details on this charity and the item you can get from donating