This Week in Novia (March 14, 2020)

4 years ago

On Saturday, we saw a small patch with some big changes!

Build Number 1133(200638)- Mar 14 11:30AM


  • Re-enabling double XP

  • All houses will now receive 200 additional interior decos, 20 more lights, and twice the placeable NPCs

  • All POTS will gain between 2 and 6 additional building slots

The 2 daily Player Owned Towns listed in yellow when using a Teleport To Zone Scroll

When you use a Teleport to Zone scroll, what are those two Player Owned Towns that are highlighted mean? Did you know?

Build 963 12 party members feedback

The Order of Drunken Elders (ODE) and The Lancermane Family (TLF) went and tested the new party of 12 system on the QA server and has some feedback for the developers.

The Overland Encounters Guide (WIP)

Another great new guide from Anpu about the different Overland Encounters! Be sure to bookmark this thread!

Crafted Gear Set Bonuses (Brainstorming Session)

Have some ideas on how to expand and make crafting better? Elgarion has begun a brainstorming thread to gather everyone’s ideas in one place.

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