This Week in Novia ( March 21, 2020)

4 years ago

The forums have been quiet this week. With all that is happening int the world, things have become a little quiet. Soon enough, we will all settle into homes to stay out of the public and I have no doubt that the forums and game will pick up again!

Since there is a lack of news and exciting threads, I’ve decided that this week we would highlight some topics on the Wishlist Requests forum. No matter what, this forum always has some very interesting ideas!

Do something for those of us who are not Min/Maxers and are Generalists by Waldo Ptolomy

Rotating the camera during combat stops auto-attack – can this be changed? – Echondas

Wand auto attack – TaiKee Vetrae

The Grand Bazaar (Universal Vendor Search) – Kabalyero Kidd

All Devs play the game… = Prada

Make Sheet Music Copyable – Wilfred

Take a look at some of these ideas and let your opinion be known!

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