This Week in Novia (March 7, 2020)

4 years ago

Durability Costs for Ench/Mw are Too High

Drafting – a topic that is always a popular one for debate and discussion. Elrond has brought up a discussion about durability on items. Is it an issue? Should crafters be able to work a weapon or piece of armor more without losing durability?

Impression after 6 month breaks!

It is always great to hear some positive posts on the forums! Let’s face it, we do a lot of complaining and griping. Dyonisys made a great post about how he is enjoying the game after he took a break. We need more of these posts to remind us just how great SoTA is!

New Forums Added

Many new changes still happening in the forum. Some new areas added are:

Player Radio Stations

Player Livestreams & Videos

Player In-Game Events

We had this forum before, however, it has changed where it is located on the main forums page and under the in-game events thread we have subforums for One-Time Events, Recurring, Make a Difference and Archived

Updated Player Stories from The Library

Black Sails Chronicles, New Beginnings

Tale of the Red Hat Gnomes- Part 3

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