Trash to Treasure: Dropped Items Turn-in Contest

Greetings Novians!

Some unscrupulous fella has been flooding all of New Britannia with junk: Headdresses, Wings, Backpacks, assorted miscellany of every sort. It’s time to clean this trash up and so a bounty has been placed on all gear crafted by Coswald Dirthmire that is turned in each contest period!

  • The current R93 Contest Period runs from now until Tuesday, September 28th

  • Contest periods fall somewhere roughly within each release period, and entries can be placed in a container with your name on it, and submitted one of two ways:

  • Mailing items (in a named bag or container) to Coswald Dirthmire

  • Dropping a named container in the barrels outside the crafting pavilion in Arlia’s Shoppes district (directions below)

Once you’ve dropped a bag in the barrel you’ll still be able to add to it any time during the competition, or feel free to submit multiple bags via mail throughout the contest period. To make the bag requirement a bit easier 1,000 backpacks have been crafted and sold into the loot table, and more are being introduced every contest period.

Every release a new special item will be added, worth 5 points to your total if submitted in the same period it was first seen:

  • R89: Perennial Coast Peasant Slippers

  • R90: Polar Bear Skin Rug

  • R91: Aeronaut Pieces (Boots, Gloves, Helm, Jacket, Leggings)

  • R92: Gustball Uniform Pieces (Jersey, Leggings, Boots, Helm)

  • R93: Wizard’s Hat

The player that submits the most items by the deadline will receive 100,000 gold and a heartfelt thanks from the Citizens For a Cleaner Novia. A further prize of 50,000 gold will be awarded one of the participants chosen at random from the named bags submitted!