Troll Dungeon Fight and Fish This Weekend

Looking for something fun to do this weekend?

Check out the FFFD in Isle of Light – Troll Dungeon Fight and Fish! For 3 hours this Saturday come to the Isle of Light to fight trolls and try and catch the biggest fish at the same time.

Here is some information posted by Flair on the official forums:

Ok so we had an idea and now we are doing it. @Master Kush has a most excellent troll dungeon with some fishing mixed it. So here is your mission.

  • 1. Go to Isle of Light and teleport into Abandoned mine Fight and Fish. Zone into the dungeon you find there.
  • 2. Find the trunk labeled Troll Uniforms and take one bag each. Inside you will find what you are REQUIRED to wear. Your necklace, rings, cloak, and weapons are up to you alone but you MUST wear everything you find in that bag or your fish doesn’t count. Yes they are dyed and yes I will be checking so no cheating please.
  • 3. After you are properly outfitted you will be allowed inside to both battle the trolls to get the fishing areas and then fish. I suggest moving around and working together. We should have parties going in alt-f and have rezzers around if they are needed.
  • 4. The contest lasts 3 hour’s total on Saturday 19Nov2022 from 1-4pm NBT or central. The in game dates will be announced through out the contest and they must have the Isle of Light on them and be caught inside the troll dungeon and turned in it time to count toward the prize.
  • 5. Prizes are as follows: Whomever catches the largest fish caught during the contest will win a a tax free village lot with a village size starter home (donated by Master Kush), a fish finder cloak, and a gold trophy. There will be trophies for everyone that manages to safely get a trophy fish into the turn in chest in time. I will also have one booby prize trophy with a bonus sardine trophy added by Coswald Dirthmire. (chance folks could donate more prizes if anyone else wants to donate etc. I will update the post.)
  • 6. This wild crazy ride will be on Flair’s stream here. Please drop in and say hi or watch the crazy fun. We will also be in the shroud of the avatar main discord voice server for those who wish to join in the sillyness. Fun will be had by all I am sure of it.

Saturday 19 Nov 2022

1-4pm NBT