Truth Bombs – Episode 2+, Lord British and Progression of the Game

2 years ago

Bridge Trolll took the time to ask for some clarification on where things stand with Shroud of the Avatar, bringing up subjects that many players have been wondering.

Bridge Troll posts:

I now have a pretty clear picture of the ownership of the game and how Atos stepped up to take responsibility to keep the game going after it was no longer interesting to the others. Thank you. What I do not have clarity on is the plans for the future of the game. It was comforting to hear Chris say that he is certain he can keep the lights on, but I am curious as to whether all this means the game is mostly built now, or if there is still more to come?

Are we still pursuing Episode 3? Is it known what that will entail? Did the Portalarium to Catnip conversion change game plans? I just want to temper community expectations for speed of change… Also I have a pretty big idea brewing and I want to see where it could fit into your plans as I write up a proposal.

This brought Ravalox to the thread to post a reply and answer some of the questions people have been wondering about!

Ravalox posts:


As you all know, we are working on Episode two and have been producing new content for Mistrendur as we move forward. We need to get Episode 2 done before we start on Episode 3 design let alone a timetable. The latest scene ‘Grusk’ is now on the QA server and available for exploration and feedback. Please be sure to see the testing directive Sannio posted in the the Player Test Environment forum section.

Everyone working on the project today has a passion for the game and wants to see it succeed. Our aim is to continue making new content for as long as we can. The pace may slow, but there is no intention to stop. We have been transparent in what the team is doing the issues we have all faced over the last two years due to everything life has thrown at the world, the team and the game. One of the pacing changes that has already taken place is the move to a Tick/Tock development cycle; allowing us to address bugs and quality of life changes the game needs to attract and retain new players. The pace at which we are developing new content will be tweaked as needed as we progress.

Working on a game with as small a team as ours, our planning and pacing must be more dynamic. Planning out and publishing definitive plans and time frames for all 5 episodes now would not be the right thing to do. We have to be able to adjust things as we move forward.

I have been working with Richard on a number of SotA aspects, including Lord of the Isle fulfillment, the ‘Sword of Midras’ sequel, ‘Eye of Scales’, and long term plot development that would lead to a story climax for Episode 4/5 time frame. The plotlines and overarching storyline are not yet solidified (Richard, Chris, Keith and I still need to meet to review concepts and forge the main plot)

As Chris has noted on stream, he is working on something that should be good for the game in the longer term. More information will be released on this topic when details have solidified.

We have a good community here. Constructive discussion is always welcome, let’s be positive and look towards the future together.



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