Update: QA Build 1223

Coswald Dirthmire posted an update on the newest QA Build that is live:

Tabbed sorting has been added back to the inventory and vendor windows, in addition to the new dropdown system. This best of both worlds solution seems nice, though it seems to have caused some crunching on the vendor interface.

Unlearned recipes have been given greater contrast and now sort with learned recipes as intended. This is one of the things I’m most excited for this release; going around to various NPC merchants and filling out all my recipe collections.

A dismount button has been added in the lower right, though it doesn’t disappear if you dismount via hotkey rather than using the button. I’ve never found dismounting options to be a problem, but it’s something others have mentioned so hopefully this is helpful to some.

Aether Infusion has been added as a crafting component
, as mentioned by Gwendolyn above. It’s available on NPC town and POT Alchemy and Cooking merchants, and no hints that I’ve seen as to what it will do. Aether things (such as Vial of Disti1lled Aether potion or Aether Corpion Poison) tend to be Focus based, so interested to see what this item goes into.

Unicorns now drop haunches instead of processed meat and each haunch looks to give “normal” levels of meat (2-3 per haunch at a guess, based on testing done by Gwendolyn).

Dead Body Containers can be salvaged
into Copes Wax (8), Rotting Flesh (5), and Skeleton Bones (2). This is a refining recipe, so the quantities given are for the base drop, before efficient refine chance is added.

Clearing a Great Threat in an overland encounter prompts a “Great Threat Has Passed” message. Not sure on the exact wording, as this was found by Gwendolyn as well.

Things checked but unchanged include:

  • Horse Jumping

  • Misc Gem/Jewel Drops (Pax Ring, Warlock Chain, Ancient Staff of Death, Ancient Staff of Anarchy)

  • Tiered Artifacts (Instruments, Cabalist Hoods, Cabalist Weapons, Boots of Sulking, others)

See the original forum post here: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/today-on-qa-r91.169033/#post-1325518