Updated QA Server and Testing Directive

3 years ago

Posted on the official forums by Ravalox:

The semi-monthly Live Database sync to QA has been completed!

At least twice a month the Live Game Server database will be copied over to the Player Test Environment.

This action is intended to assist players in testing Features, Mechanics, and maybe even splurge on some Crown Store items without fear or risk.

Players now are awarded 500,000 Gold and 100,000 Crowns, along with 10,000,000 Pooled XP on daily login and an Extra Character slot for testing!

And here:

Work has been completed that should resolve issues with pets standing in one spot and looking terrified when placed in basements or player dungeons.

Please login in to the QA server and check the following:

* Pets can be placed on player lots, basements and dungeons
* Pets should wander on all three lot types
* Pets should wander when the owner is not present

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