Virtue/Avatars Radio No Longer Hosting Release Parties

Many were surprised to see a post from Alleine Dragonfyre on the forums yesterday starting that Virtue Radio is no longer going to be hosting any release parties for SotA due to “

She wrote:

Hello Avatars Radio / Virtue Radio Community!
It is with sadness that we must inform you, due to lack of community interest and lack of developer need for our assistance with live testing, that Release Parties have been cancelled for the time being. 

Avatars Radio / Virtue Radio stands at the ready to help @Chris@Elgarion, and the team test when their call comes!

We will continue to be, however, the number one station bringing you 100% Community Music, Theatrical Productions, Stories, Radio Serials, and lots more original content 24 hours a day, 7 days per week as we always have. We have exciting programming planned for the near future! Dance parties are fun, but Avatars/Virtue Radio is so much more as our listeners know.

Keep an eye out for other great radio shows and events from Virtue Radio though!

Catch them on any aether amplifier in-game or listen in your browser at

You can follow Virtue Radio on Twitter at

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