Welcome to 2021!

We hope everyone had a good holiday (in spite of all the COVID restrictions!).

2020 saw a lot of changes in Shroud of the Avatar and with the new year upon us, we are excited to see what the devs have in store for us this year.

Last year we saw so many additions and fixes including mounts, more conversationalists, hoards of new deco items, Episode 2 new scenes, economy, crafting, and loot changes – and so much more.

This year, Chris “Atos” Spears did put out a small vision statement on the official forums On January 6 saying:

I’ve seen a few requests for a 2021 vision. I don’t think creating something like last year’s vision makes sense. In hindsight, having a specific list of features and specific deadlines is just not that useful and ends up doing more damage than good. Going forward we will keep a high level vision that is not just a list of features and instead is a list of high level goals for the project.

We learned a lot this year but one of the most important things I think we learned is that new features are great but finishing and polishing existing ones is even more important. Polish, bug fixes, and performance work isn’t sexy but we already have a huge list of amazing features that don’t feel great because they need some additional touches.

The tl;dr version of our vision in order of priority:

  • Fix bugs in existing system

  • Polish existing content with a focus on UI, updating old system designs including crafting, improving rewards, and removing old, artificial pain points that no longer make sense

  • Expand opportunities for players to create content through more interactive tools, LUA, player scene creation (player dungeons and soon scenes), and more storytelling options

  • New content for including scenes for Episode 2 and quest lines as well as new end game content and updates

I’ll clean up my internal documents to make it into a vision statement that goes into a bit more detail. I’ll shoot for having it public next week. This will be maintained and updates added as we start work on specific systems. This will not be tied to a year but rather be an evolving roadmap for those who are interested in seeing what we hope to do in the future and what our priorities are going forward.

Thanks for reading,

Source: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/shroud-vision-statement.166822/

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-From the team at Avatar Express