Game Masters (GMs), Event Planners and Radio Stations get an overhaul.

4 years ago




There seemed to be a bit of drama over on the official Shroud of the Avatar forums on Virtue Radio’s “Release Party and Planning Page” over the weekend between Alleine Dragonfyre, DJ and Party Planner for the station, and Elgarion, Shroud of the Avatar’s Community Manager.

In the end, Alleine posted that since Darkstarr will not be able to do the Release 75 Party, due to being at SXSW, that one of their staff DJs will be taking his place. We don’t know who in the Novian community will be the host yet. We’ll have to keep monitoring the thread to see.

Interestingly, it seems that whatever the conversation was behind the scenes, Community Manager Elgarion further explained that an entire new process to communicate with SotA Game Masters (GMs), Event Planners and Radio Stations is getting an overhaul. Juicy!

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