When Eve meets All Hallows (M’hul Island) – October 30

You’re invited!

When: Saturday, October 30 – at 4PM NBT (CST).

Where: Main beach of M’hul Island (Mistrendur, direct TP from Ironhall and from Islands of Wonders).

What: Jazz music on the beach.

mhul island.pngmhul island.png

In celebration of both R94 and Halloween, I’d like you to join me (and my piano) for a musical get-together on M’hul Island. Nothing fancy, nothing formal – just some music, fireworks, and casual socializing.

I’m gonna be playing jazz, but the event itself will be island-themed (to be consistent with R94 theme), and will last for about an hour (maybe a bit more) – so bring on your favorite drinks and snacks, don’t forget your tiki masks, and make sure you’ve practiced your best fire dancing moves (so you can show ’em off)!

Once in M’hul Island, look for the palapas next to the wood shack, north of the main docks.

Looking forward to meeting you there on the 30rd,


(Many thanks to Asmodi M’hul for letting me host this event in his beautiful PoT.)

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