Where to find the Boss Bears & Wolves

Sannio just dropped this little knowledge bomb in the Ulfheim thread:

Scenes that may spawn Tier 8 Bears:

  • Ravensmoor

  • Greymark Forest

  • Deep Ravenswood

  • Moors of Northshore

  • Sawtooth Thiicket

  • Crag Foothills

  • Savrenoc Stronghold

  • Shores of Malice

  • Far Hinterlands

  • Ulfheim

  • Ruined Keep

Scenes that may spawn Tier 8 Wolves:

  • Ravensmoor

  • Wynton’s Folly

  • Deep Ravenswood

  • Spectral Foothills

  • Necropolis Barrens

  • Spectral Peaks

  • Sequanna Colossus

  • Ulfheim

He further elaborated, “Since I’m being quoted, I’ll also point out that I specifically said “may spawn” and not “will spawn.” Because of the way we dynamically spawn adventure scenes, there’s a chance that those high-threat bears and wolves won’t spawn and a lower-threat enemy will spawn instead. Maybe most people know by now that sometimes you have to kill a few typical enemies before the big bad comes out, but some people might not so I figure it’s always good knowledge to share.”

Thanks Sannio!

And to all you adventurers, don’t feed the animals (your face)!