Womby the Potion Seller

3 years ago

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Visitors to Wizard’s Rest may be surprised to learn that within this unassuming mountain village they are able to acquire some truly miraculous potions. Ever since the village fell on hard times, some residents have developed surprising new products which they are happy to sell to travelling Avatars.

One such local entrepreneur goes by the name Womby. He operates a potion business out of his row house located a short walk from the market square. Recently I travelled to Wizard’s Rest and asked Womby about his range of potions.

”Greetings Womby, my name is Norkel. Do you mind if I ask you about your amazing potions?”
“Please, by all means. More Avatars need to know of my incredible products.”
“So, Womby, please tell my readers what you have to offer.”
“Well Nork – I hope you don’t mind if I call you Nork, Norkel is so formal – we offer two main potions. We have GhostAway, which repels liches, and LichAway which repels ghosts.”
“That seems like it could cause some confusion…”
“A simple labelling mistake. I decided to use Runic instead of English to cater to the locals, and generate an air of authenticity for visiting Avatars. Unfortunately, as an Avatar myself, my knowledge of Runic is somewhat deficient. I got the labels mixed up.”
“How are your potions prepared?”
“I use only the finest raw materials, that I mix together in this hot tub. I then sit in the hot tub drinking ale before adding the final secret ingredient.”
“Do your potions work?”
“Do they work, you ask? These potions are so powerful that armor and weapons are not required. Nobody who has followed the directions has ever demanded their money back.”
“Impressive indeed! Are there any other projects that you are working on?”
“Well Nork, between you and me, I am about to launch my new flying potion. Once I have worked out a few kinks discovered by my late assistant, that is. Be sure to return soon and try it out!”
“I’m sure our readers can barely contain themselves. Thank you for your time.”
“You’re welcome, Nork.”

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